Thursday, June 30, 2011

Been busy..........

Since sem 2, was so tired sem. Because have to do a lot of assignment. So fast second project competition for CGD 1. Have to slept late, like 4am. Feel so sad but have to work hard. So later will be easy in future. Assignment life, haha..... When gonna watch Transformer 3: Dark of the Moon? So fast the cinema full.

Last Sunday at Acts Church Sunway Convention Centre

Had awesome church service. That service i attend was my first time at Sunway Convention Centre. Try to outfit with the new place just only few time at there. Pr Kenneth was the speaker on that day. Was a great message deliver by him. Had a awesome time at there. After service, i went to Chatime McDonalds. After done, i when to bus stop waiting for bus. Waiting for bus U62 that went to Klang. During the journey back i was so tired even take a nap in the bus. This coming Sunday Acts Church Central Subang will be at Sunway Convention Centre for morning service.

Monday, June 6, 2011

RE:UNION 2011 2-4 JUNE

First day of RE:UNION ACADEMY 3 JUNE 2011
I reach around 9am to register but dun have my name. Thank to Wee Liem or Ben Ji to help me up to join the Academy. I was so fortunate or lucky becuase i allow to join. I re-sign up. Luckily i miss up only little. During that time Pastor Sam Surendran preach. After that we have pur breakfast time. I have ate until so full. I went to REVO store to bought Revo tools and Revo wear T-shirt. I have grab CHIN UP Hardcover book. I get around 4 badge and 1 Actsperiment 3.0 special edition. After breakfast time over, Lim Heng Seng preach about Malaysia history and political. The preach was awesome. After that, lunch time but i had to went back because i have to back early. So i can't join campus revo breakout session. On the way back, my cousin sms me. So i decided to join my cousin to take his brother new ic. After that, i had aweseome day.

Second day of RE:UNION ACADEMY 4 JUNE 2011
This time i reach early, that i have a good seat. Start with worship, then REVO TV. ELD . Wong Kien Yiek preach. It was awesome God word. After that it breakfast time and the food was aweseome. Had a nice buffet. I when to REVO store to grab some badge. After the next section, Pastor . Palam Ramasamy preach. It was funny and important GOD word. Have a aweseom Academy. Had to miss the worskhops again. Nevermind, next year i will join. See in Next Year 2012. RE:UNION 2012 REVIVAL LIFESTYLE