Monday, August 22, 2011

Acts Church Combined Services-28th August 2011

There will be a combine service in Acts Church @ Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre (SPCC)

Starts @ 11am.

If you want to join us , no worries!

Just simply let me know,

YOUR NAME/CONTACT NUMBER/No.Of person that attending.

You can make more new friends and have lunch with us!

Trust me,

all of you will have a fun time!

Monday, August 8, 2011

30 Hour Famine Volunteer 30 HOUR FAMINE countdown during 6-7 August at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil

Joined Famine 30 as volunteer last saturday and sunday, helping in enquiries booth as volunteer under Break-Fast Meals & Certificate Distribution. The crowd was huge and the mini concert was the bomb! Glad that i joined, no regrets!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Help me to vote my logo.

These is my logo design:
This is voting site and u can vote through the FB.

Have awesome time last weekend. (30-31 JULY 2011_

30 JULY 2011

In early morning 8.00pm i on the way to Taylor Lakeside Campus for Subang Rally'11 Change Conference. Registration isn't open yet, but do not fret! It will be opened by 8:30, which is very soon. After around 9am the door open. The opening ceremony stat by singing National Anthem. Later one of vip share his testimony. This was the favourite part, was time Pastor Andy Yeoh to share. Great power message share by Pastor Andy Yeoh. CHANGE...... Part 2 of the Conference i went back to Klang for KLANG ISCF RALLY. Night time, i went to Klang Iscf Rally.

31 July 2011

Morning i went to Acts Church morning service. Had a great time at there. Later in 4pm service i join Acts Teens & Acts Campus 7 week / 7 Eleven Finale. Have a great time and was so tired on that day.