Monday, June 14, 2010

SOUL KRAZY in Live Show 5...

SOUL KRAZY in Live Show 5...

What's the destiny of SOUL KRAZY? Nobody knows. It's either we remain on the stage, or we get eliminated. But we're ready for the battle, and we're ready to get eliminated. It's always not easy for a group of girls to survive in a dance competition, except that you can do like Beat Freakz and We Are Heroes. Of course we're still so so so far away from achieving their standard.

I believe the moment when SOUL KRAZY is being announced to leave Showdown's stage, there'll be so much joy in front of the tv and below the stage. Of course in the same time, our supporters will be so disappointed and sad to hear it. 5 girls among 100 haters. And what we always do are, keep looking at your supporters, or else look away, look far, and not the haters, if you don't like the way they stare at you! Girls are sensitive, girls have so much of emotions, they care every single little thing in their life. But we're trying to go beyond what a girl can do, including of controlling our emotions like how the men always do, especially being less sensitive with small little case. But it's okay! SOUL KRAZY will appear in other upcoming dance competitions! Stay updated with our Facebook page!

Yes! SOUL KRAZY is ready for everything! Bring it on!!!

SOUL KRAZY in the 1970s (Live Show 4)...

And all the negative comments continue... Being in the entertainment world is always not easy. You gain your fame, you gain supporters but in the same time you gain haters that you can't even understand what have you done wrongly to them. So we thought of doing something impressive in our 70s routine. But when we think carefully, why should we impress them than missing all our fun on stage? We dance not to impress, but to have fun. I believe if someone hates you so much, regardless how hard to try to make them love you, they will still give you the same feeling, even more disgusted I supposed. As long as we're still FEMALE, we'll be titled as GEDIK no matter what. Regardless how man, how macho we dress up, behave, talk, we're still the GEDIK in people's eyes. But, not every girl is GEDIK? I think that is the nature of girls, built in by God. :) That's why girls look lovely in guys' eyes.

Anyway, I couldn't believe with what I had to put on myself! The costume seems so ridiculous okay! But the effect of 1970s is really perfect! HAHA! Thank god I had a shade on to cover half of my face! I think not many people could recognize me though! Since I looked funny already, so let's get fun, ugly and crazy! HAHA!

Alright, the concept. It just came across Yvonne's mind when she suddenly thought of making 4 of us as the mannequins where Becky is the owner of the SOUL KRAZY BOUTIQUE. When she's trying to adjust our "hands" to make a better pose, suddenly we transform into real human-beings! We pull "our owner" to dance together with us! She seems confused and surprised with our transformation, but then has to accept the fact that it's really fun to dance together! When the music finishes, mannequins are back to posing! Just like the mannequins will be alive when there's music, and back to dolls when the music finishes!

Repetition of steps and moves? Ummm... Like which? It's only a technic move in Waackin'. Yes Kuma you are right! How about the windmills, power moves, the salsa steps, the six-step in BBoy? Every crew has their own significant moves that trademark their speciality and uniqueness to stand out from the rests.

Once again, we were the bottom 4 again. This time our opponent was another BBoy crew, RETURN CREW. And of course, we knew it wasn't our time yet to get eliminated. We improved in our spirit for battle. We were all ready to fight! Although we lost to RETURN CREW, explained that they improved, have the spinnings like windmills, flares, although the crashed in their routines; then SOUL KRAZY also crashed in our moves, messy routines, same skills, but at least we're satisfied with our own spirit and improvement, I'm sure we can do much better and tidy in the next battle!

Standing beside of FUNKY UX FORCE, we had confident to survive for another episode. And yes, we did! SOUL KRAZY into Top 8.

And all the negative comments are never ending... Such as, why not SOUL KRAZY got eliminated, they GEDIK, they repeat their steps until I can even dance their steps, SOUL KRAZY should out out out, etc etc and yada yada. One day you will learn to know the feelings of SOUL KRAZY, how much pain we have to go through for reading such negative words written by you guys, how hard we try to survive and forget of what you scolded us, how you stereotype and bias us, when we're not guilty of doing anything. Just because we have the heart, soul and passion in dancing. We stand with pride on the stage without fear, because we're not guilty. No, your words will not make us surrender in dancing. Even if we leave the stage, it will surely not because of your words that make it real, but it's the crews who can do better than us. And we'll seek for another platform to expand our dancing life, whether you like it or not, we're still SOUL KRAZY, so crazy in dancing, so crazy in living...



It was awesome at the conference. I had learn of lot of thing. Next year i gonna to join. The most crazy part is Pr Sandra preached. It was a great preacher about relationship. Funny and meaningful. A great experience. Who miss this year come next year!!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

SOUL KRAZY in Live Show 3...

We had a down week working hard for MY LIFE theme previously. But we're proud, lucky and glad to have BEAT IT as our showcase song! I think 8TV wants us to go fast and hype in every showcase.

In this routine, we believe the real identity of SOUL KRAZY had revealed, which is strong, impulsive, violent and attitude. We never tried to be one of the sexiest girls in the world, but we are not afraid of being one. BBOY FARHAN was right, "This routine brought you all back." Maybe we really belong to style, power and attitude. But of course we'll not give up of doing the elegant moves because after all, we're still ladies. We have the benefits of outshining the gestures and poises of a lady!

The concept of the whole routine is, we're a gang of good dancing buddies who always dance together. Then 2 members crash each other while executing some dance moves (in the routine, it was the MOONWALK, a lame one :P ) and start to fight, like in the MTV of Beat It, Michael Jackson appeared to bring peace to the members.

I couldn't remember what comments we had got, but all were positive. Thank god they liked it!

Happiness couldn't remain until SOUL KRAZY was announced to be in the Bottom 4. What we couldn't expect was, we had to battle with BORNEO SOUL BREAKERZ. We knew we could make it into Top 9. But first time battling in live show, we were all nervous. We looked emotionless and speechless in the same time. I knew we should lose to BSB, but being announced as the winner, I was really kind of.. HUH? Maybe that was our first battle in live show, so the judges liked our spirit? I don't know. I was really speechless, but in the same time happy for going to Top 9! And we believed BSB could make it into Top 9 too! And yes, they did! Thank god!

When we reached home, we couldn't believe with what we read, comments from the audience. So negative. It was like as if our fault to be announced as the winner. I was really speechless, angry and sad. We're a bunch of people who love dancing. We just try to dance whatever we have to in Showdown, to make it a better show, not to impress, not to win and not to make anyone loses in this competition. It's all about experience and exposure. Even though we battled hard on the stage with BSB, but behind the stage, we're just another best buddies playing together and never bother about winning each other, taking the fame from one another. If all the dance crews can peace together, I believe all the audience can peace too. Support your favorite dance crews, and not criticizing on the others. The dance crews never scold you, never curse you, never fight with you, but all of us are trying hard to put on a great show for viewers, we never try hard to make the viewers down and hate us. If you don't like any of the crews, just ignore them and give your best support to your favorite crews so that they can beat the crews that you don't like. Isn't it more useful, adorable and lovely? Hatred brings you to hell. Why don't we live peacefully in this world? We're all human-beings after all. You can voice out your opinions, I'm sure everyone can accept it with open heart. And not bashing the negative words that have no point at all. I believe the whole competition will be more fun if all the viewers, supporters, contestants and production crews can join together like a big family, to share their life, experience and heart together, to make the whole show seems more interesting and lively. It's like a party in the competition where everyone chills together! YEAH!

Anyway, SOUL KRAZY into Top 9!

SOUL KRAZY in Live Show 2...

MY LIFE... What we tried to deliver, is to prove to our parents who are so worried about our future, being a dancer for career, which seems so impossible in their eyes. In our parents' era, dancers were only the commercial ones, at the pubs, etc. It couldn't be taken as a career to earn a living for our future. So we chose the song FAME by Naturi Naughton, to express our feelings in our dance. We didn't try to impress, but we tried to express, to make people feel our struggle to achieve what we wanna achieve. We knew the routine is not impressing, but at least we had put much feelings inside, to let go our emotions, sadness, stress, doubts and hardships.

We had very negative comments from the judges. Probably they couldn't feel us, couldn't feel what we tried to deliver with the theme. What they expected wasn't about the theme, it was about the showcase, was it entertaining enough, impressing enough. After all, the theme wasn't so important at all. Or probably no one actually cared about the theme of the week. They just expected an entertaining show.

Honestly the dance style isn't what we really mastered. From bgirls, hip-hoppers, to Jazz, Girl Style, etc, we tried our best to deliver something different so that people not just recognize us as bgirls, but versatile dancers who can adopt any kind of dance styles. We never complain any single thing. We just try to do our best, to cooperate with anyone, to enjoy the whole progress in Showdown.

Anyway, SOUL KRAZY, saved from Bottom 4, moved on to Top 10!!!

SOUL KRAZY in 8TV Showdown Live Show 1...

SOUL KRAZY in 8TV Showdown Live Show 1...

The Top 12 crews were appointed to have their first meeting with the 8TV Showdown production crew at Sri Pentas, to brief all of us regarding the contract, rules, regulations, etc... (But I wasn't there on Sunday. :P I was in Melaka.) Come on guys~ It's LIVE SHOW soon! We actually didn't know what should we dance for the first live show. We just practised and discussed what we could.

Monday (3 May), we had our first practise at IDC Studio in Kepong along with the song given by 8TV. Yes, it's Beenie Man : Gimme Gimme Gimme. The tempo is fast, uprising from the beginning until the end! OMG! 8TV seriously wants us to go as crazy as we can! We were given 2 hours to practise in the studio. Most of us had the problem of feeling suffocated practising in the studio! It was hot! We could hardly breathe seriously. Even if we just stood there without dancing or doing anything, we could sweat like as if we're standing in the middle of the rain! Ooppsss... Sounds too exaggerated? Haha. But yes! It's true! Cynthia seldom joined the practise as she was facing her attendance problem at university. She couldn't miss any classes.

We were there from Monday to Friday and Sunday. Tuesday, Lady Seven fever. Wednesday, Von and Yvonne fever. Thursday, Becky's turn. Great? Haha! Because the temperature in the studio is so different with outdoor. In addition, the weather keeps changing. It was a hard week for SOUL KRAZY to SURVIVE.

We had a roll call meeting with Pat Ibrahim on Sunday, in the same studio. After watching our short routine for roll call, he actually allocated us to dance on the judges' platform! Which means, behind the judges! OMG! That's crazy but interesting! Haha! We were gonna GOYANG GOYANG with Joe Flizzow, Maple Loo and BBoy Born from Korea! Von and Lady Seven's favorite! Haha!

Monday (10 May), it was the stage blocking for all the Top 12 crews. Our slot was the last one. So many eyes were watching. But we did it! Everybody thinks that we're really crazy with the routine, although it was messy! Because the tempo is fast. And guess what? 8TV put us in the last segment, the last crew to perform! OMG! Pros or cons? Haha. The last crew, means performance sure kena GEMPAK; the last crew, people who want to vote for us have the least time to do so! But it's alright. At least our showcase proves that we're great!

Tuesday, camera and stage blocking. We had to perform with our costume on, although there was no costume for SOUL KRAZY yet. As there were 12 crews in total, the full dress rehearsal took long time to end. Becky and Yvonne had to leave at 7pm because they had class in Klang and Kajang at 8pm! It was raining and jam! We left around 8pm. 8TV Showdown first diaries! SOUL KRAZY in Bottom 4!!! OMG!!! So hard to believe it! All of us were so scared! We voted until our phones got barred!

Wednesday, THE LIVE SHOW! So nervous! So scared! Can't describe the feelings! We kept practising the battle routines, the showcase, etc! Couldn't stop moving around to calm ourselves down!

We heard screaming from the crowd! Very positive comments from the judges! I remember seeing few girls among the audience shouted, "Girl power!!!" YEAH!!! Thanks for such a lovely comment!!!

The Bottom 4 announcement. We hugged each other like how hard we hug our parents. Feasible Crew, Backyard Revolution, Borneo Soul Breakerz... The last one : Funky Ux Force!!! We shouted like we hadn't been shouting for a century!!! We gave our homies Famous Crew a big hug too! Because we expected both of us would be in the bottom!!! SO HAPPY OKAY!!!!

But anyway, SOUL KRAZY in 8TV Showdown 2010 Top 11!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Pls vote for them. They nearly out yesterday. All the Soul Krazy fan pls vote.
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