Sunday, July 8, 2007


This year inter school rally is so rock la. It is so nice and so fun. I hope who did not go tak apa next got lagi. I become usher and i meet a lot of my friend. The t-shirt is like green but look like but is more to light colour. The interschoolrally startaroungd 7.30 pm . Then will start with interview like malaysian idol live got two people interview . Then the usher will shouting. ISCF rally was a hit! Hehe.It was awesome,and i tink around 7 people gt saved.(Thanks 2 GOD)Without God the rally would have been a disapointment.The shirt was ok la i still refer if it was black or white la.7/7/07 ,7colours in the rainbow(the rainbow was out logo we dint notice hehe the significants,7day of the week in the jewish calander(saturday is 7th day of a week for the jewish calender). I hope will so cool