Saturday, March 29, 2008


Ujian bulanan 2 start on 29march2008-1april2008. So fast we all got test again. I hope me and my friend will past all the subject. God pls bless we all who taking test now....

Saturday, March 22, 2008

My new cousin

My new cousin was name Wei Kang. My new cousin name is so nice name lo. My new cousin was a boy. He was cute and so like to play with me. He won't scared any thing like lion dance, firework aslo no scared. Now i will put mu cousin photo.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This good friday

Our school of Smk La Salle Klang got holiday for this friday. Our school is a christian school......

god bless all u all

Thursday, March 6, 2008


The day or boredom.
Hmmmm how to start???0.o OK got it it all startedtwo of the morning ,I went to school as usual and ,my friend reminded me that we were going to have a ceramah. So I was happy at first we din't need to study.The ceramah started ok (the people that came were so called lieutenants in the Malaysian army) but they tried to brain wash up by putting a weird dumb story on the screen and making us read it (something to do with mothers zzzz ).After that we went out for recess ,it was a relief when we came back and we sat down,suddenly they asked us to get up and face the wall( you know why)(if you dunno it's because we were talking hahaha) and after facing the wall they asked us to face the floor for 5minutes!!!Then HE asked us to come back and line up and also seat down .They gave us a piece or paper and asked us to fold it and tear it and fold it and tear it and fold and tear.And behold a great pattern of holes in the paper lol.And We learned about hard work. (There were 3 classes in volved that are 3U,3C and 3T)


The second day we learn to do peta minda. There were 12 team. We were hardworking think and do. We all the 12 team make it. Today a lot of student absent. We get do know a lot of think. At the last of the ceramah day we all take photo. If u wan to see our photo can went to prs papan kenyataan. Today we learn a lot of thing and must thank to Pn Lim Hui Jun to have 5 or 4 guest to give ceramah. untill here.....

ThE eNd